Best Womens Motocross Boots – Guide to Choosing MX Boots for Womens

Your gear is incomplete without racing boots. We do understand that it is a bit taxing to find the perfect women’s motocross boots, but with proper research and after paying attention to all important factors, you will find the best pair. Although it is better to find a nice pair of boots theoretically than it is in practical life, know that with this brief guide, you will easily find a decent pair of women’s motocross boots.

The Best Womens Motocross Boots


Just remember one thing: a premium women’s motocross boot is one that offers protection from the knee to the toe. Boots that offer this much protection will protect your femur from any accidents. Some boots also come with buckles, which helps in tightening the grip and does not allow the boot to slip off. Moreover, invest in boots that have harder outer covering from toes and ankles.

Cleaning and Maintenance

womens motocross bootsWhen choosing from a couple of options, you also have to consider the cleaning and maintenance factor. No matter how dirty boots are after a rough racing day, never try to rinse off the dirt by putting boots under high-pressure water. High-pressure water deteriorates the high-quality leather.

So What Should You Do Instead?

Keep some water and a soft scrubbing brush by your side and always make sure that your boots are dry before storing them as dry boots will keep bacteria and mold at bay.


The first step in ensuring that your boots are comfortable is to make sure the pair fits you perfectly. If your boots are uncomfortable, you won’t enjoy the race to its full extent. It is better to try boots with socks on. Avoid investing in boots that are even one number small than your actual size. Also, refrain from buying large-sized boots as they will come off very easily.


women motocross bootThe best women’s motocross boots are the ones that will last a long time and have the strength to bear rough racing trips and impact from accidents as well. If you are considering investing in leather motocross boots for women, then you don’t have to worry because leather lasts for a long time.

On the other hand, boots with bad stitching and poor-quality material won’t be durable. Look for boots with double stitching as that increases the durability. Waterproof boots also enhance the safety of your feet as they prevent water from wetting your feet. Stay away from rubber soles. No matter what, safety comes first. So now that you are investing in boots, they should at least last for a couple of races.

Boots Sizing Chart

Depending on the region, women’s boots are available in different sizes. Size numbers from 26 to 35 are available in European standard sizes. Meanwhile, the USA/Canada standard size chart has different numbers for sizes. The UK size chart has sizes from 8 to 13.5.

Differences between Men and Women Motocross Boots

Motocross boots for both men and women are different. There is a difference in size, but other than that, motocross boots for women are designed with a slight heel as compared to men’s motocross boots. Other than this, the overall length of men’s boots is shorter when compared with the length of women’s motocross boots. Women’s motocross boots come in more colors and different styles.


Now that we have discussed a couple of factors that you must consider when looking for women’s motocross boots, the search for the best one will be easy for you. Always try on the pair first before paying for it. Moreover, some companies even encourage customizations. So if your size is not available easily, then you could share your measurement with the manufacturer and get a perfect pair of motocross boots for yourself.

Lastly, it is always recommended to do some market research before making the final purchase. Remember that safety and comfort always come first.

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