Motocross Goggles FAQ

Why Do Motocross Helmets Use Goggles?

Goggles are needed to protect the motorcyclist’s face due to the open-face design of a motocross headgear. That is not the only reason they are the preferred choice for off-road riding. The visor of a MX bike helmet does not secure the biker’s face that well against dirt. However, MX goggles are outlined with a thick foam cushioning that produces a tight seal, blocking the majority of the dirt from entering into the biker’s eyes. The flexible band keeps the goggles pressed firmly against the rider’s face. The flexible foam cushioning on goggles serves a double purpose of maintaining trickling sweat out of the rider’s eyes, virtually as a sweatband.

How to Clean Motocross Goggles?

Goggle lenses are treated with a layer on the external as well as inner side to optimize vision and minimize fogging. This coating can be fairly delicate specifically on the internal side, so avoid utilizing chemicals in cleaning agents such as “Windex” type cleaners as although they will certainly cleanse your lens, the ammonia will at some point turn the lens brittle and also fractures will begin to appear and run via the lens. The best approach is light soap and warm water. Immerse the goggles entirely to gently work the soapy water with the goggle foam. If there is any type of mud developed, allow the water to soak the mud till it diminishes from the lens, you can even clean up the goggle lens with a microfiber fabric or using your goggle bag. You should additionally clean your goggle bag consistently as you can utilize this at the track to clean your goggles on race day. Do not utilize a T-shirt, towel or motocross gloves to clean dirt off a lens as you will certainly grind dirt particles into the lens which will certainly scrape them.


How to Tighten Up Motocross Goggles?

When you remove the MX helmet from your head and place it back, it ought to really feel a little tight, however not so tight that it’s agonizing or uneasy. If it’s not tight enough, attempt readjusting the strap. Comfortably tighten up the chin band, after that shake the head hard in every direction (right, left, ahead and reverse). There should not be any type of additional motion in the headgear. In case the helmet slides, you require a smaller sized fit. Place the hand below the rear side of the headgear and draw it onward. You should not have the ability to pull the helmet over the head.

How to Stop Motocross Goggles Steaming Up?

Bob heath visor spray functions, however you might additionally try shaving gel. The wipes you get from ski stores are truly excellent, too. You could also pierce some air vent openings in your lens yourself, if you got some old lens you ought to try it on those first. Clearly, don’t put on the goggles when you drill the holes. Tooth paste rubbed in and afterwards cleaned off on the goggles could be another remedy or perhaps potato smeared on is worth a go as a Do It Yourself solution.

Can You Put Motocross Goggles in the Washing Machine?

Putting MX goggles to a washing machine may destroy the foam. If you want to secure them, just put them in a container with some warm water and also mild soap. Swish them around a little and also rinse. Lots of people still use a washing machine to clean them – never ever wash MX goggles in hot water or put them in a dryer, always make use of mild cycle and also a mild soap.


The majority of cleaning agents have chemicals in them that will certainly gnaw at the foam. Just a little spray and wash on the gear as well as light soaps in cold water with a mild cycle will do the job after a cold water saturation for 30 mins or so. Sweat is the number one opponent of goggle foam, also. Rinse filthy goggles after every race with a water hose and wash the dirty locations with Simple Green or Mister Clean. After a month or 3 throw them in the wash without any lenses. Some nose guards on goggles are difficult to reinstall when cleaning.

Can You Put On Glasses Under Motocross Goggles?

If possible, use contact lenses instead of glasses. Contacts have their downsides, but they are much more comfortable than putting on glasses. Some glasses fit under goggles without any issue, nonetheless if you drop, there’s a great chance though, the goggles, along with your face, are going to have some damage. Some people simply can’t use contact lenses. The best thing to do is to have an eye surgical procedure, but that’s a difficult topic and not everybody is a candidate, and also it is pricey, as well. You may likewise try prescription goggles. These items are simple to place into your goggles, and also to remove as well as clean.

Are Ski Goggles and Motocross Goggles the Same? – What’s the Difference?

No, they are not the exactly the same. Ski goggles as well as MX goggles are different regarding UVA and also UVB security, single and dual lens, ventillation, view and vision, tear-off. Snow goggles are optimized for white vision. The two sorts of goggles are not suitable with the other type’s helmets.

All top quality snow goggles have full UVA as well as UVB protection, yet some motocross goggles are not totally shielded from UVA & UVB. Snow goggles have twin lens that don’t enable moisture to enter the second lens which is necessary for snow usage. Motocross goggles have a single lens and do not work as well in the snow to minimize fogging in severe cold. Snow goggles have much better air flow to draw the warmth away from the face rapidly. Motocross goggles also have this yet they have a finer air flow to stop dust. Snow goggles have a much larger view to provide you the very best peripheral vision possible. The lens tinting for snow goggles are maximized for pure white to provide you the best clarity possible. Snow goggles do not have tear-off posts for using tear-offs. Motocross goggles do not fit inside a snow helmet and vice versa.


What’s the Difference between MTB Goggles and Motocross Goggles?

Mountain bike specific goggles have less foam extra padding around their upper part and are usually lighter. Also MTB goggle lenses appear to be more flexible, but that depends upon subjective opinion. MX and also MTB goggles need to execute essentially the exact same task, and also considering that these are built for higher MX speeds, the lenses are super-strong with both.

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