Best Way to Clean a Motocross Helmet

Knowing how to wash and maintain your motorbike headgear will certainly not just keep you from surrounding your vision with a dank interior lining, however additionally will certainly work to extend the lifetime of your helmet.

How to Clean a Motocross Headgear?

Put some moderate detergent, regular laundry detergent, soap, or shampoo into a container, and mix it up with warm water. Remove sensitive parts from the helmet. Soak it and scrub the mix intensively on the headgear – make sure that the suds extensively pass through the cellular lining and foam cushioning. Let the helmet dry thoroughly when done.

Materials for Cleaning Your Motocross Headgear


Warm Water

Whether it is a sink or a bathtub, water is your buddy when cleaning a bike helmet as it permits you to delicately loosen dust as well as dead bugs without damaging any of the headgear materials.

Baby Hair Shampoo

The main point that you want to bear in mind when searching for a cleaning agent is to make certain that it is not petroleum-based. Baby hair shampoo is an often-used choice, due to its mild nature.

Microfiber Rags

These are excellent for washing a motorbike headgear, along with cleansing a faceshield. While they do not always need to be new, you should preferrably begin with a clean cloth. Any kind of dirt fragments entraped in the dustcloth increase the risk that you will certainly rough up the outside surface on the helmet throughout the cleansing process.


This does not require to use your cutting edge tooth blaster. A cheap toothbrush with soft bristles is all you require to assist clean nooks and also crannies that the microfiber rags can not reach. When cleansing around your motorbike helmet faceshield gaskets as well as vents, this can certainly be useful.

Compressed Air

Calling back the pressure and also making use of a few calculated blasts is a great method to clean motorbike helmet air vents if you have access to an air compressor. Take care not to make use of air from a spray can, nevertheless, as that will certainly erode the EPS lining in the headgear and also degrade its safety capabilities.

Cleaning a Motocross Helmet

Learn the different kinds of steps that should be taken when cleaning your motocross helmet.


Remove Electronics

Get rid of any inner digital accessories from the headgear such as microphones, antennas, batteries, as well as the Bluetooth communicator units that they affix to.

Remove and Laundry the Headgear Lining

It’s often the interior of a bike helmet that requires cleaned one of the most. From face sweat to hair oil, the lining of your motorbike headgear absorbs a great deal of gunk. When cleaning the lining of your motorcycle headgear, fill a sink, tub, or container with warm water as well as baby shampoo then dunk, scrub, and also massage each piece of your helmet liner in the soapy water. Baby shampoo functions well for this job as it is extremely mild, yet still designed specifically to clean up away sweat and also hair oil.

When full, let your headgear liner as well as cheek pads completely dry. It’s constantly best to do this at the very least the night prior you plan on riding so allowing sufficient time to completely dry. A damp headgear liner, like a wet dog, has a tendency to be something you don’t intend to shove your face in.


Clean the Helmet Shell From the Outside

To help removing dust and insects, saturate a microfiber towel in warm water and then curtain it over the helmet. This will work to carefully soften and also remove stuck-on gunk as well as reduces the initiative required to cleanse it later, as well as the possibility that you will damage the headgear or faceshield during the procedure. Allow the wet microfiber cloth to stay on the helmet for some time.

Tidy the Faceshield

The majority of modern faceshields have some kind of safety layer (primarily for UV security and anti-fog). For that reason, and similar to the outside of the headgear itself, you should never utilize anything other than warm water when cleaning up a motorbike faceshield.

For treatment directions details to your faceshield, make certain to take a look at the owner’s handbook to ensure you do not invalidate any type of guarantees. In the long run, the very best means to wash a bike faceshield is merely to make use of a damp microfiber towel and also gently massage away any type of dust, dust, or smudges. Likewise similar to the helmet outside, leaving a damp dustcloth curtained over the faceshield for a number of mins softens up crusty insect stays as well as makes the task a lot easier.

Place the Helmet Back Together

Reconstruct your headgear beginning with the completely dry liner and also cheek pads. Reattach your faceshield and any other pieces that you eliminated prior to cleansing.

Correct Helmet Storing

When the helmet is clean as well as completely dry, you need to store the helmet out of the gear bag or helmet bag, somewhere that is dry as well as well ventilated. This is the best thing you can do to keep it scenting fresh for your next ride.

Your headgear should be kept inside as opposed to in a damp shed. If you have a number of helmets, a storage space rack is a great concept as well as is excellent for display screen. Positioning them on a wall hung or on a cost-free standing rack will certainly also permit them to dry entirely.

The Lifespan of a Motocross Helmet

Producers normally recommend maintaining the helmet for 3 to 5 years, or discard if it suffers damage after an accident. The helmet can be kept for 7 years after manufacturing date.

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