Things to Consider When Choosing Women’s Motocross Pants

We reckon that all women racers out there will agree that it is a bit strenuous to find good, high-quality women racing or biking gear as compared to men’s. Considerable thought is required to find the best gear; you need to consider some factors before investing in women’s motocross pants or even women’s dirt bike pants. It is important to ensure that your gear is safe and offers some resistance and protection in case of a severe impact.

Some factors to consider are given below:

Research the Market and Test

womens motocross pantsThe first factor that you should consider before buying women’s motocross pants or dirt bike pants is proper market research. Usually, there are two ways you can carry out market research. The first one is window shopping, which involves visiting potential shops in person. This will give you an idea regarding the variety and cost and allow you to physically test the product.

Another way is to research online. If you are taking this approach, you will notice multiple online stores are selling racing or biking gear. It is essential to check the authenticity of online stores. One way to do this is to engage with the store and ask as many questions as you want about women’s motocross pants. Or you can go through customer reviews of people who have purchased women’s dirt bike pants or motocross pants.

When you are searching the market and testing out products, you will come across multiple options. A good motocross pant will have all the good specifications that you are looking for.


The next factor that needs your attention is comfort. Comfort plays a huge role in your performance. Keep two things in mind: weight and elasticity. Make sure your motocross pants are light in weight, as they will be easier to wear and handle. Any extra weight on your body will be an inconvenience.

If you want your pants to last a long time, you can get a pair with slightly thicker material. Next, an elastic pant will hug your body perfectly. Make sure your pants are not too tight as that will irritate your skin. Elastic pants are comfortable to wear, and they don’t fall off. Moreover, lightweight and elastic pants tend to be more breathable.


womens-motocross pants choosingHip protectors, knee pads, and pockets are absolute musts in motocross pants. Although knee pads and hip protectors are additional features, they protect you in case any accident happens. Other than this, we know pockets are an absolute must! Pockets will keep your keys or other small things such as heart rate monitors safe and secure.


Usually, motocross pants are made from denier fabric, nylon, or polyester. Nylon and polyester can dry very quickly, and they are very comfortable to wear. This sort of material lasts a long time, and its quality will not wear off, even after rigorous washing. If your potential motocross pants have high denier material, they are supposed to be more durable.


Now the next question is, how should women’s motocross pants fit? Of course, your motocross pants must fit you perfectly so that they don’t come in the way while riding. The first thing you need to do is measure your waist and the length from your waist to the feet. From 27″ waist to 38″ waist, you can get sizes from extra small to extra-large. Generally, motocross gear is worn in a slightly loose-fitting. Remember to try and test motocross pants before making the final pick.


Poor-quality motocross pants will not last for a long time. On the other hand, good-quality motocross pants will not give up on you. Make sure you invest in one with a heavy-duty structure and material. Keep factors such as durability, size, comfort, and functionality in mind, and we are certain you will find the best women’s motocross pants that the market has to offer. Get the one that matches with the rest of your gear so that you can ride in style.

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