Can You Get a Motocross Bike in a Citroen Berlingo?

If you are motocross fan you may have been thinking about fitting your bike into a van for easier and cheaper transportation.

Yes, a motocross bike will fit into a Citroen Berlingo. You may need to remove the back seats or adjust the motorcross bike a little though, but the amount of dismantling largely depends on the bike model. A diagonal fit or lowering the bike suspension may help to get in the bike more easily.

Transporting Your Motorcross Bike with a Citroen Berlingo

If you’re an enthusiastic off road rider that enjoys using different types of bikes, then you’ve probably already seen models with off road forks to make travelling more comfortable, adjustable suspension, and much more.

This means that when considering a bike that will fit into your pocket, make sure it’s got everything that you’ll need on it to make riding as comfortable as possible. From shocks and wheels, to mud flaps and fittings, you can find all kinds of options on today’s range.

In this article we will give you ideas about how to transport your motorcross bike with a Citroen Berlingo.

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Fitting the Bike into the Berlingo Load Area

When fitting a bike into your van, measure the dimensions first, since it is good to know what to expect. Consider the size of the load area before the loading process.

Having a ramp or lifter at hand is extremely practical, since to lift such a motocross bike is not an easy job, and it is also not that much safe. Set the level, and push the bike into your Citroen.

A diagonal fit is a popular choice for many, since the less hustle, the better it is. It means that your bike needs to be at an angle in the van. It depends on the van size and the bike models if you can actually push the bike inside at once.

Taking the passenger seat out may greatly help putting the bike inside the car, and the Berlingo has easily removable seats, and if you remove them, do it in advance. It is nothing more annoying than having the bike already on the ramp or on the lifter, when you realize that you need to remove stuff from the car.

Bike Adjustments to Achieve the Right Loading Size

If you want to be sure that the height of the bike is optimal for your van, lower the suspension on it. Many bikes come with an adjustable suspension.

A bit of dismantling will also do the trick – maybe removing a seat or a wheel from the bike could make your life easier if it sticks out too much.

Some motocross bike models may give you a headache, but it’s better to think first. If you are not much of a mechanic, and can’t do the job because you don’t have the skill, maybe choose another type of car or call a friend or a professional.

Of course, you will need to be able to reassemble your bike when you arrive to your chosen destination, so calculate that into your plan.

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Fixing the Bike’s Position in the Load Area

It is best to tie down your bike during transport, this way you would prevent the bike from tilting and bumping left and right or even causing some unwanted damage. Also mind the bike when turning left and right with the car.

It is best to pad parts which are protruding from the bike, so this way they wouldn’t scratch the inner lining of the car or wouldn’t break one of the windows. That would be exceptionally awkward if you had hired the transporting car, because you would possibly need to pay a penalty for the renting company.

Using a Trailer

Using a trailer to transport your bike may still be a last option, although some people have a concern that if they need to stop for some reason, call of nature or other, their motorcross bike could get stolen from the trailer. The van can offer some form of protection, and it is just another car in the parking lot if the bike is inside of it.

Some Citroen Berlingo vans also have a tow hook, so you have the last resort option to tow your motocross bike on a trailer if nothing else.

Think About Unloading As Well

So when you arrive to your chosen destination, it may possibly happen that the car’s loading area and the ground will not be at the same level. If you don’t want to bump the bike’s lower part by just dumping it out, it’s best to be prepared.

Either have a ramp or lifter at the location where you go, or carry one of those in the car with you along with the necessary tools, so you would be able to remove the bike from the van safely.

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