How To Paint a Motocross Helmet?

Ever questioned yourself what happens when painting a customized MX helmet? We have painted a brand-new MX helmet, with custom painting. The painting enterprise took a number of hours to finish throughout several days. Our painter doesn’t give away every one of his tricks, yet he certainly provides an interesting understanding. This guide is describing the steps of a motocross helmet painting job.

In order to paint a motocross helmet, the helmet painter must remove all unnecessary parts or electronics first. Provide any logo masks if desired, and start the painting process. Add any additional graphics if wanted, and finish the painting. Remove tapes, and reassemble the helmet when all parts have dried.

Take the Motocross Helmet Apart

Start off with an fresh-out-of-box motocross headgear, with common graphic designs on the helmet. Begin by disassembling the headgear – taking out the linings, removing rubber parts, removing the vents. You generally need to clean the cover down to completely bare. After that prepare the headgear for the very first layer of white painting.

Apply the Logo to the MX Helmet

The desired logo is applied utilizing a mask. This process takes place first, but it’s in fact going to be the last point you see. Painting will certainly be applied over it. You simply peel off the mask when you’re ready – and there it’ll be. Ultimately, you should see the logo design appearing with a clearly visible outline.


Remove the Helmet Visor

Remove the visor off at this phase, to make painting the actual motocross helmet simpler. As you can see, the mask can be sprayed over and also it won’t influence the logo design ultimately.

Begin the Helmet Painting Process

With the logo design covered under a mask, you can begin repainting the helmet. Use any kind of fadeouts if you desire inside out. Lay down a colored layer and afterwards developed the gradient to black from there.

Eliminate the Logo Design Mask

Remove the mask, and there’s the new logo design! At this phase, you can apply the very first layer of shiny clear paint, making the colours pop out. The clear layer also safeguards what you have actually done, so a few more graphics can be included from here on now.

Add Any Kind Of Extra Graphics to the Helmet

The logo has been finished at this point, so all you need to do is to fit the fading sections and also the pin-lines. This should be done by making use of an air-brush, by hand. Put the visor back on, match the pin-lines up, and make sure that’s every little thing’s looking right. Check that there are no helmet pieces that are incorrect in any kind of method prior to the next clear coat goes on.

Complete the Helmet Painting Process

The last painting stage consists of applying any kind of remaining logo designs to the biker helmet, and also offering it another clear layer. A clear coat gets put on all the desired locations. All the tapes come off, everything gets put back inside the lid, and the helmet is ready!


Motocross Helmet Painting FAQ

What Kind of Paint Do You Use On a Motocross Helmet?

Water-based acrylic type paints are ideal for painting motocross helmet designs, due to their safety and availability. Each and every layer of acrylic paint should be allowed to dry separately before painting on the next layer of paint, to achieve a strong and even connection between the layers.

Can You Paint a Motocross Helmet with Acrylic Paint?

Yes, a motocross helmet can be painted with acrylic motorcycle paint. Acrylic biker helmet paints are very practical and useful and widely available, because they are not harmful to human eyes and face, and do not include any extremely dangerous chemicals like standard motorcycle paint does.

Closing Thoughts – Can I Paint My Motocross Helmet at Home?

Absolutely, yes! This is how a motocross helmet painting job would take place, as described in this article, in the very comfort of your own home. You can see that you don’t need too many tools, just some basic instruments, the paint, tape and common sense and patience. Good luck!

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