Can You Get a Motocross Bike in a VW Caddy?

If you are a motocross fan you may have been considering putting your bike within a van for easier as well as cheaper transportation.

A motocross bike will fit into a VW Caddy. You may require to eliminate the rear seats or adjust the motorcross bike a little however, yet the amount of disassembling mainly depends upon the bike model. An angled fit or decreasing the bike suspension may aid to get in the bike extra conveniently.

Moving Your Motorcross Bike with a VW Caddy

If you’re a passionate off road biker that enjoys utilizing various sorts of bikes, then you have actually possibly already seen versions with off-road forks to make taking a trip more comfy, flexible suspension, and also far more.

This means that when thinking about a bike that will certainly match your pocket, ensure it has every little thing that you’ll need on it to make riding as comfy as feasible. From wheels and shocks, to mud flaps and also installations, you can discover all type of alternatives on today’s array.

We will provide you suggestions regarding exactly how to deliver your motorcross bike with a VW Caddy.


Moving the Bike into the VW Caddy Boot

When putting a bike into your van, measure first. Take into consideration the dimension of the load location before the filling procedure.

Having a ramp or lifter handy is very practical, because to raise such a motocross bike is a difficult task, and also it is likewise not that much secure. Establish the level before pushing the bike into your van.

An angled fit is a preferred choice. It implies that your bike requires to be at an angle in the van. It depends upon the van dimension as well as the bike models if you can actually push the bike into the Caddy at once.

Taking the seat out may help putting the bike inside the vehicle, since the VW Caddy has conveniently removable seats, and also if you remove them, do it ahead of time. It is nothing more irritating than having the bike currently on the ramp or on the lifter, when you understand that you require to get rid of stuff from the car.

VW Caddy Standard
VW Caddy Standard
VW Caddy Maxi
VW Caddy Maxi

Changing the Bike to Achieve the Right Loading Dimension

Reduce the suspension on it if you desire to be certain that the height of the bike is ideal for your van. Several bikes have an adjustable suspension.

A little taking apart will certainly also suffice – eliminating a seat or a wheel from the bike could make your life simpler if it protrudes too much.

Some motocross bike designs may make your life difficult, but it’s much better to plan first. If you are not much of a mechanic, you’ll can’t get the job done due to the fact that you do not have the skill.

It is best to tie down your bike during transportation, so to prevent the bike from falling or perhaps triggering some unwanted damage. Also mind the bike when turning left and right with the automobile.

It is best to cushion parts which are sticking out from the bike, so by doing this they would not damage the internal lining of the car or wouldn’t damage the windows. That would be incredibly unpleasant if you had actually rented the car.

Utilizing a Trailer

Making use of a trailer to carry your bike may still be a last choice, although some people have a worry that if they are required to stop, their motorcross bike could be stolen from the trailer. The van can offer some protection, and also it is just another automobile in the parking lot if the bike is inside of it.

Towing your motocross bike on a trailer is also a choice if nothing else.


So when you arrive to your picked venue, the auto’s loading area as well as the ground will certainly not be at the same level. It’s most recommended to be prepared if you don’t want to bump the bike’s lower part by just disposing it out.

Either have a tool at the site where you go, or transport one in the auto with you, so you would have the ability to take out the bike from the van safely.

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