Can You Get a Motocross Bike in a Transit Connect?

Have you thought about getting a motocross bike to your Transit Connect, but you’re afraid that it won’t fit in? Maybe you’re just curious if it’s possible to transport dirt bikes without having them damaged due to not being properly protected. Or scared that your dirt bike gets stolen from the street?

Well good news for you! The Ford Transit Connect can hold motocross bikes!

The Ford Transit Connect is big enough to fit a motocross dirt bike inside, with the diagonal length capacity of 9 feet (2.75 meters). This type of car is good for carrying a motocross bike with a diagonal length between 5-9 feet (1.5-2.75 meters). You can get a motocross bike into a Transit Connect, but it does take some preparation.

Ford Transit Connect Dimensions

A Ford Transit Connect, also known as the “Ford Connect” or simply “Transit”, is an amalgamation of a passenger van and a station wagon. It has been available in North America since 2009.

The Ford Transit Connect’s dimensions are: L x W x H 173.93″/189.68″ (4418/4818mm) x 72.24″ (1835mm) x 73.26″ (1861mm). Ford’s Transit Connect has a maximum cargo capacity of 595kg to 967kg when empty, which is a sufficient payload capacity.

Average Motorcross Size and Weight

The motocross bike is a type of off-road motorbike or dirt bike used for racing and recreation, as well as a sport. Motocross bikes are typically very lightweight, with powerful motocross engines ranging from 125cc to over 500cc.

A motocross bike weighs anywhere around 215lbs, depending on the rider. This would mean that you could most likely fit a motocross bike in a Ford Transit Connect.

Will My Dirt Bike Really Fit into the Load Space?

For the Transit Connect, the most popular choice for transport is a smaller motocross bike. You can fit the bike in with the rear seats folded flat or removed. The front wheel shouldn’t stick out of one door, especially if you take off both wheels, but no problem there as the wheels should come off easily.

What is the Average Height and Width of Dirt Bikes?

The average height and width of a dirt bike is small enough to enable you to fit the bike inside with the tailgate down. Depending on the bike size, you may have to take off one or both wheels, lower the suspension to its lowest setting, and put the wheel on the side stand next to the other.

Most dirt bikes should fit inside, but be sure to measure both your future bike or your future Transit Connect van before buying either of them.

The motocross bike will stand up just fine, but you might need to put something under the handlebars to support them so they don’t rattle around.

Motocross Bike Transit Connect

Characteristics of a Ford Transit Connect

You can carry motocross bikes in all the ways mentioned above no problem. The van offers removable seating for up to seven people and comes standard with four-wheel drive.

Most of them are also equipped with Sync, which lets you control music and certain cell phone functions from your voice.

How Much Does a Ford Transit Connect Cost?

Prices range from $24,000 to $27,500 depending on the model.

How to Move a Dirt Bike into a Ford Transit Connect Van?

Like other motocross bikes, dirt bikes are small, but can be tricky to transport. However, moving a motocross bike inside a box truck is difficult because of the height. A Transit Connect offers height, but may have not enough space for motocross bike storage depending on the dirt bike.

The following guide gives advice on how to move your dirt bike into a Ford Transit Connect.

How to Get a Motocross Bike into a Ford Transit Connect? – Step by Step Guide

Lifting the Motocross Bike

Lift the motocross bike to the deck of the Ford Transit Connect. Use straps or human help to secure the motocross bike to hold it in place while lifting.

Removing Wheels or Parts

Remove wheels or parts of the dirt bike, if possible. If not possible, make sure to stack them tightly together inside the load area for added stability.

Fit the Dirt Bike into the Load Area

Fit the motocross bike into the Transit Connect properly.

Unload the Dirt Bike

Unload the dirt bike once it has been safely set inside the Transit Connect space, and arrived to the destination.

How to Fit a Motocross Bike into a Ford Transit Connect?

To sum it then: fitting dirt bikes into the Ford Transit Connect is relatively easy. First, remove car seats then dismantle the motocross bike into smaller components that are easier to carry inside the Ford Transit Connect.

Strapping each component of the motocross bike using strong packing tapes, ropes or netting inside the load area or on the roof rack will hold everything in place until the motocross bike arrives at its destination.

Where to Fit a Motocross Bike in a Ford Transit Connect?

A motocross bike should fit on the roof rack, on a trailer or inside the load area of a Ford Transit Connect. The rider should pick the best option depending on his motocross track and motocross bike specifications.

The motocross bike fitted inside the motocross trunk of a Ford Transit Connect can also carry all dirt bike tools and dirt bike gears, making motocross trips more convenient for motocross riders.


Advantages of Fitting a Motocross Bike Into a Ford Transit Connect

The dirt bike has evolved into a complicated machine. With motocross tracks almost becoming paved, dirt bikes need to carry all their tools and gears whenever they ride on these tracks, making motocross bikes difficult to fit inside regular cars.

Ford Transit Connect van is a good everyday car, and can be useful when moving around stuff, people or even a dirt bike with having enough room.

Why Fit a Dirt Bike Into a Ford Transit Connect?

Motorcycle manufacturers have created motocross bikes that can be easily transformed to suit riders’ motocross needs. While some dirt bikes feature bigger suspensions and classier mudguards, motocross bikes also come with a smaller front wheel in order for the rider to reach dirt tracks faster, climb rocks easier or jump higher. It is easy to transport in the cargo area such a motorbike when it comes to a race or a practice.


It is possible to fit a dirt bike into a Ford Transit Connect, with enough room still left for some additional equipment. An average motocross bike will stand up just fine inside the Ford Transit Connect, but you may need to put something under the handlebars to prevent them from rattling around.

The motorcycle will need to be strapped down inside of the Ford Transit Connect and may require removal of its front and rear wheels. So the answer to the main question – Can You Get a Motocross Bike in a Transit Connect? – is yes, you certainly can, but it requires some preparation and measurement.

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